Oil Change and other things

My brother was in town yesterday, and he and my father changed the oil in the car. For the record, the mileage is just below 59,000 miles. According the Honda Owner’s Link website, we’ll have to do this every 3,500 miles, more or less. The timing belt, according to the scheduled maintenance table, will have to be changed shortly, at around 60,000 miles. We’ll wait until the weather is warming.

For the routine oil change stuff, watching my brother struggle for an hour with the unfamiliar car and the awkwardly placed oil filter has made me realize that, hey, $20 for the garage oil change is a good deal. They have the equipment on hand to get underneath the car comfortably and take off the filter, and have probably done this to thousands of Civics. Plus, at some places, you get a free car wash for the price.

While the car was jacked up, my brother also fixed the hood on the driver’s side CV joint — the joint wasn’t as contaminated with dirt as we had feared — and tightened up the loose plastic cowlings on the front wheel wells, which were occassionally scraping the tires.

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