b2mailpost updated

Fixed a problem with register_globals = off. Basically, the various HTTP POST/GET variables weren’t being passed through correctly, as described here. Yes, the b2mailpost.php wasn’t written as safely as could be, but it’s a bit better now. Anyone who wants it can pick it up at http://www.cjc.org/blog/files/b2mailpost.zip.

I should have properly version controlled the thing. Oh, well.

2 Responses to “b2mailpost updated”

  1. petre macken Says:

    im new to b2 – how to install this?
    a readme in the package with short description, where the files should be stored, would be very cute.

  2. cjc Says:

    I can help you better if you had left an email address. Anyway, I plan to include a README in the next release, which will be before this weekend.