Photography walking workshop around Chinatown

I did a “photography walking workshop” around Chinatown, which was a little disappointing: the thing was aimed at a median student who doesn’t know how to work his camera (i.e., got the new DSLR a few months ago, has been operating it in full auto, doesn’t know how to set aperture/shutterspeed/ISO, or those ideas relate to each other).

The instructor was also a last-minute substitute, who was regularly leads a similar workshop around northern Central Park , but was generally unfamiliar with the Chinatown area.  During introductions, I mentioned that I worked nearby, and wound up being asked for suggestions on which street to walk down for interesting things to photograph and, at the end, where the group could sit down, have some coffee or tea, and compare photos.

Anyway, here are the better ones from my set:

Chinatown Photo Walking Tour

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