Basil Ice Cubes

Catching up on listening to the podcast backlog, I came across this idea for making ice cubes from fresh basil:

NPR : Celebrating Late Summer’s Basil Bonanza

A little too late on my part; I think I missed out on the cheap, abundant, fresh basil at Westside Market. Oh, well, next year.

Interestingly, our building is going condo, and they’ve allocated space on the garden/parking level for “terraces” or “balconies” for the apartments that don’t have them because of the neighboring garage. These spaces aren’t particularly partitioned from the garden, and have no particular access restrictions from the parking garage, so one would not, say, want to keep an expensive grill in the outdoor space because it’d be easy for nefarious individuals to push the thing into the back of a truck and drive away with it, no one the wiser. But keeping a few planters in the area wouldn’t be a chore, I think. Maybe next summer, depending on what’s happening with construction in that area.

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