CUPS printing for a Samba-connected HP LJ 1100

On Fedora Core 5, I did a relatively minimal installation (By the way, whoever set up the ISO images for the most minimal installation options I could find (and still have a system I could quickly get to work with) managed to go just over one CD by a package or two. This would have been OK if I hadn’t downloaded only the first ISO.) and need to do the following to get a Samba-connected HP LaserJet 1100 to work as a CUPS printer:

More packages (plus their dependencies):

foomatic.i386 3.0.2-33.3
ghostscript.i386 8.15.2-1.1
hpijs.i386 1:1.6.6a-1.1
hplip.i386 1.6.6a-1.1

Device URI:

smb://samba server/HPLJ1100

This specific model wasn’t in the standard list of HP printers, so I’m just using the HPCL 4/5 driver. I believe this comes with the foomatic package. The last two packages also seemed necessary, or else foomatic’s rasterize would die mysteriously when sending a test page.

Lastly, printer shares have to be turned on in smb.conf. On FC5, make sure that that the “path” parameter is set to /var/spool/samba instead of /usr/spool/samba, as it is in the example, or else Windows will get “Access is denied. Could not connect” type messages when you set up the printer. Testing access with smbclient is useful.

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