London Bombed

It seems to be Madrid again, but I feel closer to London than to Madrid, knowing some people there (friends and co-worker) and having visited.

I’m not sure if anything new needs to be said that wasn’t already said about Madrid. It’s still early, regardless.

News comes in slowly. I found out about the bombings first at this morning. NPR is on the radio now, but, after starting off the hour with a report on the bombings, they moved on to Bush and the Kyoto Accord (the London police chief got much less time than Bush did: arguably, what’s happening in London right now is more important than the no-change excerpt from Bush). Blair’s remarks were apparently not broadcast live. Presumably, these terrible events will start filling the airwaves later today.

Besides the usual media sources, has a post up; it’s too early for other sites as of yet. Actually, now that I look again, Instapundit has a post up, with links to elsewhere as usual. Similarly, Command Post has something with links to elsewhere.

A few months ago, Instapundit also noted that the media seems to be in pre-9/11 mode, covering shark attacks, missing (white) teens in Aruba, Michael Jackson and so on. Alongside the steady drumbeat on Iraq, everything had faded into trivialities, as if there was nothing important going on in the world. No longer, perhaps.

Well, here’s BBC reporter’s blog. There’s also the UK Blogs RSS Aggregator.

It’s about 10AM EDT now, and Cleveland’s NPR station is talking about some Walgreen’s strike. I’m under the impression that NYC’s NPR has switched over entirely to the BBC radio stream.

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