Cross-hand Sacrifice Throw

I was thrown in an interesting way during light pre-class randori with one of the blackbelts last evening:

While fighting for grip, tori grabs uke’s right sleeve with his right hand and steps to uke’s right side. Tori uses his left hand to grip uke’s left lapel from underneath uke’s right arm. The throw is a sacrifice as tori goes to the mat while wheeling uke over him (tori more or less does a left side fall under uke, undercutting uke’s feet). There’s some sort of off-balance to bring uke forward while doing this. The black belt did this wicked fast and I was on the mat before I knew what was happening.

(There was some technical discussion after this, mainly having to do with obscure judo rules that doesn’t count this throw as an ippon for some reason, even though other similar sacrifices count. It’s, however, apparently a reasonable entry into ground work. It was noted that the throw is hard to pull off against a black belt, but apparently it works just fine on gokyus.)

I’m considering doing this in aikido on cross-hand wrist grabs. The judo grip goes much further up the arm (at least by the elbow) than on a straight wrist grab, so tori/nage won’t be able to control uke’s body quite as well, I think. But it’ll be nicely surprising throw.

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