RSS Reader for Firefox

I have to proclaim the total awesomeness of Sage, a feed reader for Firefox. My long-ago attempt to slap one together in PHP hasn’t been touched in close to a year because of the inconveniences that come from page loading as well as my lack of skill in reasonably formatting the output. Sage solves these issues nicely by using proper caching to the disk as well as a Firefox sidebar to organize your feeds. It’s neat, and it generally works well.

The only drawback is that the reader is more or less for that particular browser installation: Sage relies on a selected bookmarks folder to organize the feed list, and bookmarks are more or less localized to a given installation. My effort at the PHP RSS reader was as much to give me centralized management of feeds — the list is on my webserver — so that I could have the same feed list both at work and at home. This is less of an issue, now that I work at home, but I will go out with the laptop once in a while.

Firefox does have a bookmarks synchronizer extension, which would solve these issues. However, I’m not sure if it does scp/sftp off the bat, though a quick glance at the commentary suggests that there’s a version of the extension that give you the option of now throwing your plaintext password across the Internet.

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