Hey, someone in the DLC gets it!

Armed Liberal over at Winds of Change has a pointer to this opinion piece by Fred Siegel. The piece sounds like something derived from Terror and Liberalism, for example the paragraph on European support for Palestinian violence:

The key political vehicle for the new outbreak of anti-Semitism in Europe is support for the Palestinian position against Israel. As noted by Gabriel Schoenfeld in The Return of Anti-Semitism, there’s a twisted logic in the European and American left-wing hostility to Israel: The more terrorism committed by the Palestinians, the more sympathy they receive, because vicious attacks on Israeli citizens are taken as ex post facto proof of Israeli oppression.

The argument is that Western radical politics, which claims to be anti-racism and anti-imperialist even though its actions demonstrate nothing of that kind, is developing an alliance with radical Islam, even though many of radical Islam’s tenets are antithetical to traditional Western liberal notions of, say, gender equality. Anti-Americanism and anti-zionism are apparently more important things to be concerned about than, say, the status of women as envisioned by the Wahhabis.

Anyway, the more interesting thing is that this appeared on the web site of the Democratic Leadership Council. This gives me some hope that Bush hasn’t driven all the Democrats moonbat crazy, though we still need to see more substansive things from Kerry to make him credible in my eyes. We’re also going to skip over how the Democrats should view the war (there’s a war?) for now. One step at a time.

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