More documents

I’m missing two documents from the co-op application right now:

  • A copy of my loan application to Chase. This was sent to Chase by email. I had forgotten I had done this, so I was searching around my documents archive looking for it for the past 15 minutes.
  • A detailed statement of the sources of funds for the purchase. I guess my original cover letter wasn’t detailed enough.
  • Hopefully, the management company will accept email copies of these. Everything will be much easier if it doesn’ have to go on paper. They’ll even get it before the weekend in this case.

    The management company also wanted the bank’s recognition agreement redone slightly; since I’m purchasing the other apartment with intent to combine, the recognition agreement has to have both 4B and 4C on it. I spoke with the bank, and this was no problem. They’ll send fresh copies of the recognition agreement to me by tomorrow, or Monday at the latest.

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