Photos at Last

Here are photos of the car at last. Unfortunately, my brother, while sitting in the back seat on a drive uptown, peeled off the godawful tint in the back. It was necessary: we couldn’t see out the rear unless there was bright sunlight or the cars following us had their headlights on. At dusk or in rain, we couldn’t tell who was following us. In any case, imagine that tint on the passenger and rear seat windows. The big muffler-that-doesn’t-muffle (an amplifier?) isn’t visible, either, though the spoiler is. Note that the drill holes for the spoiler leak; we have to get some silicone.

Here’s a close-up of the infamous blue LEDs in the windshield fluid nozzles, and a (blurry) night shot with the blue LEDs in action (they almost blend in with the Xmas lights down the street):

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