Keyless Entry Mystery

There’s a mystery about the radio/keyless entry/alarm. The alarm seems to be third party, and is tied to a keyless entry system. The remote has two buttons, and says “Prestige” on it. I don’t see a model number beyond that, just some FCC number for it being a radio transmitter. I apparently can look up the manufacturer at the FCC web site, and then go from there. The goal is to figure out what the second button does, and get a duplicate remote.

From a stock radio placement document, I see that the radio would have been tied into the keyless entry as well as (for some stupid reason) the ceiling dome light, if these were stock parts. Thankfully, they’re not, as I’m replacing the radio with the Sony CD/MP3 player. If the keyless entry were stock, then I’d have to keep the stock radio, hiding it inside the dash; such a kludge. The two different wiring harnesses suggest that the previous owner must have done something with the wiring, some sort of splice, and as well as something to bypass the ceiling dome wiring. This is OK, since we can still use the third-party keyless entry, and the extra wiring harness should be useful to the new radio. I assume both connectors work.

So, the previous owner must have done a fair amount of internal wiring for the aftermarket alarm system, as well as the keyless entry. Well, maybe not that much, since all the locks are powered, and presumably you just wire the alarm system with the lock switch, and, viola, keyless entry. All without wiring through the radio.

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