Fireworks for 2006

Cleveland’s 4th of July fireworks again, from the roof of a building in the west Flats. You know, fireworks photos more or less look the same, after you’ve seen, say, a dozen or two of them. The photos also aren’t particularly good representations of what you see with the naked eye: exposure times are usually a couple of seconds, so the camera picks up light trails that you wouldn’t ordinarily perceive. Also, residual smoke clouds are repeatedly lit up by the explosions. That’s not a problem if you’re just watching, but tends to overexposure on the camera as the smoke clouds blow out the background; one hopes for wind. I didn’t even try to photograph the big finale because of the smoke.

I suppose the more interesting things is to put foreground objects in unusual perspectives, and put the fiery sky into the background. But I just have standard sky shots this year:

2006 4th of July fireworks

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