Mucking around WP1.2

I’m mucking around WP1.2 now. The old image hack (iv.php) has been modified to conform with the way WP does things, so I can still reasonably display all the pictures that had been posted here. The old b2print.php and b2mailpost.php need to be rewritten (so does iv.php for that matter, mainly because of ugliness). My other major b2 hack was b2search, a concordance-based search for the site. Major rewrites for this one, too, mainly because WP has a plugin-and-hooks architecture that I can use, instead of the messy changes to the b2edit.php.

I’ll probably put in the minor navigation tweeks, such as the vBulletin-style navigation links to go quickly across the pages. Something can also be done with the monthly archive list.

I’ve adopted Alex King’s 3-column stylesheet. It looks neat. I’ll probably change the background and header images at one point or another. To what, I don’t know.

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