To-do lists and RSS

In a bid to be more organized, I’m installing Alex King’s Tasks. The demo looks nifty, though there’s no method of authentication. Given that, the tasks directory will be restricted using .htaccess methods on, say, IP addresses. Perhaps I may also put in a b2 authentication thing for my own use.

One nice touch with this script is that there’s an option to post a task to b2/WordPress. The idea is to keep ideas for blog entries in the Tasks system, and then post from there. I’ve modified my b2 to have a “Drafts” category, so this may be less necessary for me. Still, it’s nice to have.

The other thing I’m thinking of doing is to setting up some sort of RSS reader, so that a cron can go to the various websites I read and suck up all the entries, so I only have to go to a single page to look for news. One stop shopping. The author of b2 has written an RSS aggregator, though, in this thread, someone helpfully suggets Fase4. The proper way to do it would be to link into Mike Little’s b2links system, with a set of URLs categorized as RSS feeds.

Hmm. I should put these in the Tasks system for future work when I have time.

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