b2search 1.0.2

b2search has been revised, with some minor changes: no alterations of the database or the any existing concordance data is required. The changes only affect the processing of search requests.

This version addresses the following:

  • Added hyperlink to posts that have no title
  • Fixed problem where the search string consists entirely of common words
  • Fixed some HTML generation issues
  • One other change is to add in a hidden input in the form that does the “submit”, so that an MSIE user hitting ENTER after typing the search term will get results.

    There’s a persistent problem where hitting submit without any terms in the search text box will cause MSIE to hang. I may not be sending a termination in the PHP processing, or something along those lines, even though there are trailing HTML tags. On the other hand, it seems to work under lynx.

    The distribution file is available at http://www.cjc.org/blog/files/b2search.zip

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